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Wild Rubies

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Wild Rubies – A fruit dance of a special kind

The bright fruits such as cherries, oranges, lemons or grapes dance across the individual reels. Your Chip winnings can be earned on up to 30 win lines when you play Wild Rubies. The name of the slot is owed to the game’s Wild symbol, the ruby. It offers you not only the most promising shot are winning, but also repeats all other symbols for a thoroughly completed win line. So, what are you waiting for? Get those fruits dancing across the reels and hunt the most valuable of gems.

What is Wild Rubies and how do I play it?

The name Wild Rubies can be accredited to the name of the Wild symbol. The ruby is not only the most valuable illustration on the reels, it also functions as a Wild. You will play on a total of five reels and you can choose from 10, 20 or 30 win lines. The symbols may be known to you from other slots of this type. In addition to the ruby, there are a whole bunch of fruits, including oranges, cherries, lemons, grapes or watermelons. You’ll also see the number seven, the bell or the bar symbols. If one them shows up at least three times, then you’ve just earned you first winnings. The maximum payout comes when five of the same symbols show up. Before you get those reels moving, you’ve got to place your bet. The minimum number consists of 32 Chips. You can place a maximum bet of 35 200 Chips. When you play, you also have the choice of playing manually or on an automatic mode. If you make use of the automatic spin mode, you can just set your desired number of lines and your bet. Wild Rubies will do everything else for you. Would you like to take the maximum risk? Then feel free to play with a MaxBet. Just press on the button with the same name. If you place all of the Chips, then you may actually end up losing all of them as well. In that case, you won’t be able to continue playing until you‘ve acquired more Chips. Would you rather be on the safe side, but still risk something, then feel free to make use of the special risk function. This will be available to you after each and every win, when you decide which card will show up next, black or red. If your choice should be correct, your winnings will be doubled. If you wind up being out of luck, you’ll lose it all. Yep, the entire sum of your winnings will be gone. But should you still have Chips in your account, then you can keep on playing. Just place your next bet and spin.

How do I win when playing Wild Rubies?

You can gain winnings on five reels and a maximum of 30 lines. You’ll be paying conventionally from left to right. Winnings will start with at least three of the same symbols on the reels while a maximum of five of the same symbols can show up. If the Wild symbol shows up, it will replace all of the missing illustrations for a win line. If you’ve won in a round, you can increase this win once again. Just make use of the really cool risk function. Decide on which color card will show up next, namely red or black. If you’re feeling was right, then you’ll enhance the sum of your winnings once again. You can use this risk function until your tip proves incorrect, so try taking things as far as you can for some incredible winnings.

The Wild Rubies symbols

When you play Wild Rubies, you have several options for winning. Using the maximum of 30 lines and the minimum bet of 32 Chips, we’d like to show you what the pay table looks like.

  • Seven:
    • 5x: 16 000
    • 4x: 3200
    • 3x: 800
  • Bell:
    • 5x: 8000
    • 4x: 2400
    • 3x: 640
  • Plum/Orange:
    • 5x: 3200
    • 4x: 800
    • 3x: 160
  • Ruby (Wild symbol):
    • 5x: 64 000
    • 4x: 16 000
    • 3x: 1600
  • Bar symbol:
    • 5x: 16 000
    • 4x: 3200
    • 3x: 800
  • Melon/Grape:
    • 5x: 6400
    • 4x: 1600
    • 3x: 480
  • Lemon/Oranges:
    • 5x: 3200
    • 4x: 800
    • 3x: 160

Play Wild Rubies free of charge

Are you in the mood to play a slot classic with fruits? Then ensure your start-up credit in the form of Chips for Wild Rubies. How do you do that? Just sign up free of charge with an Email address and you’ll receive your first Chips completely for free. You don’t need any real money. Every day, you’ll have the opportunity to ensure yourself additional Chips by playing the slot or even via possible free spins. In Wild Rubies, you’ll not only encounter some cheeky fruits, but also the most valuable of gems, namely the ruby. That stone will ensure you the highest of winnings in the entire game. So, what are you waiting for? Place your free Chips on the fruits and hunt down those rubies.