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Gates of Persia

Sloturi tip Gates of Persia

Gates of Persia – History from 1001 Nights

Do you feel at home in the realm of noble princes, beautiful princesses, and stories of 1001 nights? If so, then our free online slot Gates of Persia is surely right up your alley! As soon as you have conducted your very first spin, the game will take you on a journey into the secret world of the orient. Should you then make the right decisions and place your bets wisely, you’ll fill up your Chips balance in no time flat. If not, you may end up losing a whole bunch of coin. Come dive into the world of Gates of Persia – now!

What is Gates of Persia and how do I play it?

Gates of Persia is a slot that will test your ability to combine just the right bets with a good portion of luck. The goal of the game is to get the five reels with (in each case) their three symbols to stop in a manner that’ll show them in a certain constellation. Once this is the case, you’ll be shoveling the Chips onto your account. If you’re not all that lucky, you’ll naturally lose your bet. What’s essential for your bet and your win is the number of lines being played on. This is determined by playing around with the plus/minus button located to the lower left in the game screen. You have to play on at least ten lines, but you can play on up to a maximum of 30 lines. Right next to the aforementioned button, you determine the number of Chips you want to bet. You can choose from 10 to 500 Chips per line. The total bet is determined by multiplying the lines and the bet. Should you play with i.e. ten lines at 500 Chips per, your total bet will be 5000 Chips. If you’re into risky endeavors, you can activate the MaxBet button to the lower rate. This will automatically set the lines and bet amount to the highest values. Next to it is a button featuring the word ”Auto“. When you click on it, a new spin is automatically begun upon conclusion of the previous spin without you having to do anything whatsoever, much less you having to press on the start button again. So, if you’re already planning on playing for a while with the same bet, this option can save you a whole lot of time. If you’d like to be able to change your bets before each and every spin, you‘ll need to press on start in order to begin a new round.

How do I win when playing Gates of Persia?

Whether you win or not depends on the symbols that show up in a certain number and/or constellation on one of the win lines. The more win lines you play on, the higher your chances of winning will be, leading to a much healthier Chips balance. But remember that this also leads to the total bet increasing. If you’ve won, you can possibly increase those winnings by entering them in a game of risk. The option to do this comes once a spin is over. If you decide to risk those winnings, you’ll be challenged to decide whether a flipped over card will be red or black. If your answer is correct, your winnings will double. If not, you’ll have lost everything. However, you always have the possibility of winning free spins. For more info on the exact value of the individual symbols as well as how to earn yourself free spins, just click on the lowercase “i“ located on the lower left edge of the game. That will lead to a corresponding menu with more explanatory information.

  • The Gates of Persia symbols:
    • Princess
    • Throne
    • Waterfall
    • Mythical creature
    • Castle
    • Jug
    • Scepter
    • Joker
    • Ace
    • King
    • Queen
    • The number “10”

The world of the Orient awaits you

With a game of Gates of Persia, you’ll head out on a journey to a beautiful world – accompanied by oriental sounds – in which you can win a whole bunch of Chips. A WHOLE lot. But make sure you’re at your wits and don’t take your luck for granted, because otherwise the tediously earned Chips will gone before you know it.